Newcomer Information

Here is some general information that may be useful for you:


National Fuel (716) 686-6123
Niagara Mohawk Power (800) 642-4272
Verizon (Telephone) (716) 890-7100
Spectrum (Cable) (833) 267-6094

“A newcomer says he doesn’t know what he belongs too – we all belong to two “entities”, for lack of a better word”


1. Everyone belongs to Charter Communities Association – “the grounds”


2. Everybody belongs to a Condominium “entity” which takes care of their building. This is based on where your building is – in Charter Oaks, Chappelle A, Chappelle B, or Chappelle C. Check the maps (in color) for further help.

Charter Oaks Condominiums dues INCLUDE basic cable 

Chappelle Villas Condominiums dues DO NOT INCLUDE cable. 


Everyone pays two separate checks every month: One to Charter Communities Association and one to their own condominium.

Check the maps to find your condo and determine what group you are within.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the main office at (716) 688-9333 or contact us via our website form.