Swimming Pool Rules

(Revised 2018)

Charter Communities Association, Inc.


WARNING: If no life-guard is on duty, please swim at your own risk

A first aid kit is readily accessible. In case of emergency, call 911. The pool address is 210 Charter Oaks Drive, Amherst, NY 14228.

To swim in the pool, we highly recommend a minimum of two (2) adults be inside the fenced area. Solo swimming is highly discouraged.

Owners are responsible to insure that their children and/or guests understand and obey the rules.

All children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult who will remain within the fenced area to supervise and monitor the minor(s). Children who are not toilet trained MUST wear swim pants/water proof diapers.

The following are stricly prohibited inside the fenced area of the pool:

  • No smoking or vaping (e-cigs)
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No animals/pets
  • No glass containers of any kind
  • No diving
  • No running
  • No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol are permitted in the pool area
  • No swimming during or within 30 minutes after thunder or lightning conditions
  • Toys or floats are not allowed in the pool (only pool noodles are permitted)

Anyone who violates these rules may lose their pool privileges for the remainder of the season.

PLEASE be considerate of your neighbors. If you have any concern, we suggest that you speak with a member of the Pool Committee or Management.

These rules are reviewed annually by the Pool Committee, and presented to the Board for its approval. Anyone wishing to participate in the annual review of these rules should contact the office for more information. Some of the rules are required by the New York State Department of Health. Others were written to provide a safe and relaxing atmosphere for anyone who visits the pool.


Pool Rules
June 2009

I. Pool Procedures and Practices

  1. All persons are POSITIVELY FORBIDDEN to enter the pool enclosure at any time unless a lifeguard is on duty.
  2. Alcohol use is prohibited.
  3. All persons using the facilities of the pool do so at their own risk.
  4. All persons, including guests, must present their Pool Passes to the lifeguard, and sign in when entering the pool enclosure. All guests must be accompanied by a resident.
  5. The only entrance and exit to the pool is through the gate adjacent to the Community House.
  6. Charter Communities or its employees are not responsible for the loss of, theft of, or damage to, any personal property brought into the pool enclosure.
  7. No breakable materials are to be brought into the pool enclosure at any time.
  8. Garbage containers are provided for cigarette butts, paper, etc., but NOT for unsanitary items such as disposable diapers. Cans and bottles must be placed in the recycle bin. Smokers must bring their own ashtray.
  9. Dogs or other pets are not permitted in the pool area or leashed to the pool or tennis court fencing.
  10. The swimming pool staff will strictly enforce the following rules:
    (a) No diving, cannonballing or jumping anywhere in the pool.
    (b) No running in the pool enclosure.
    (c) No roughhousing on the premises.
    (d) No abusive or profane language.
    (e) No screaming or yelling! No loud, repetitive games, i.e. Marco Polo. Our pool is to be a relaxing area. No rafts, lounge floats, balls, etc., in the pool. Noodles are only to be used as floats, not toys. One person to a noodle!
    (f) No hanging on the safety rope in the pool.
    (g) No beach balls or other objects are to be thrown anywhere in the pool area.
    (h) Footwear is to be worn at all times when using the restrooms or telephone. No bare feet allowed indoors.

12. If any resident or guest is in continuous violation of the above mentioned, the guard and/or pool committee member has the authority to remove the violators from the pool area. Continued violations will result in loss of pool privileges.

13. Radios, cassette players or other musical devices must be played at a moderate level, or with headphones so as not to disturb other guests.

14. At the lifeguard’s discretion, a 15 minute rest time may be called to give everyone a chance to relax.

II. Use of Pool by Children

 (2) No children under fourteen (14) years of age are allowed in the pool area without an adult. Children of any age who cannot swim safely, in the judgment of the lifeguard, shall not be permitted in the pool unless accompanied by a responsible adult who is also in the pool.

(3) Playpens or smaller such devices are allowed within the pool enclosure.

(4) Children not toilet trained MUST WEAR SWIM DIAPERS, or diapers WITH PLASTIC PANTS. Disposable diapers without plastic pants WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

III. Sanitation: New York State Law

1. Regulations are posted at the entrance to the pool.

IV. Guests – Rules/Fees

  1. Upon request to the Management Office, all residents in good standing will receive a pool pass. Each unit is also entitled to one guest pass. Renters will receive a guest pass only if it is requested by the owner of the unit.
  2. There is a charge for additional guests. You may pay it at the entrance, or you can purchase a book of pool passes from the Office at a discounted rate.
  3. All guests are required to provide their own lounge chairs on weekends if there are not enough for residents.

V. Pool Hours

  1. The pool will open daily as follows:
    1. Weekdays 11 AM — 8 PM
    2. Saturday/Sunday/Holiday 10 AM — 8 PM
  2. The Manager or lifeguard may, at his/her discretion, close the pool before the scheduled closing time because of weather or other causes, or temporarily during an electrical storm, if it is in the best interest of the residents and their guests.

The lifeguards are there for your safety. They are the law around our pool, and they follow a specific set of instructions. They enforce, as needed, pool etiquette and our rules. You could be asked to leave if you violate one of these rules. All owners and their guests are expected to treat the guards with courtesy and respect and not demand additional services.

Please Note:

In order for action to be taken on a complaint, it MUST be submitted in writing, to the Management Office. Although it is signed, this information will remain confidential. The complaint must be specific – who, what, where, and when. It can be handwritten, or typed, but must be signed. It need not be formal, but must include the pertinent facts… who did it, what they did, when they did it, and where (approximately) they did it. You will get a copy of the letter that will then be sent to the offender. (If you do not get a copy of this letter within a week, please contact one of the Board Presidents or other Board members.)

Violation of the above rules will result in a fine if the violation continues after a warning has been received.