Rentals & Renters

(Revised 2009)

Unless a unit is already a rental, it can not be purchased as rental property. This is due to a rental cap that had to be implemented to keep our insurance policies affordable.

Because we still have a number of rental units, this section has been added, to clarify who is responsible for what.

Rentals & Renters

1. If you rent your unit, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your renter follows our rules and regulations.

2. Unit owners are responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations by their tenants, their children, and their guests. All tenants may use the pool, tennis court or Clubhouse of the complex in accordance with these rules and regulations. Renters may NOT have pets. (See separate Rules and Regulations Applicable to Pets, Pool and Clubhouse.) Units may not be rented to smokers after July 15, 2009.

3. Prior to leasing your unit, you must check with our Management office to see if our rental cap has been reached. If so, you may not be able to lease your unit.

4. A minimum of 20 days advance notice to Management is required, along with a copy of the lease. The unit owner must provide the tenant with copies of the Rules and Regulations. The unit owner must also add our addendum to the lease being used and supply a copy to the office.

5. We need to keep our records up to date regarding the residents within our community. We do this for a number of reasons, such as such as emergency procedure notification for issues regarding utilities, plumbing, water, electricity, cable, etc. We may also have to, in the worst case, provide notification to family members in the event of a medical problem.

6. Any lease of a residential unit shall not be for less than twelve (12) months. Short term leases are NOT allowed.

7. Tenants may not sublet to another tenant. Tenants may not rent to other roommates. The only tenant allowed is the one named in the lease.

8. Swimming Pool: Renters will receive a guest pass only if it is requested by the owner of the unit.

9. Owners of a residential unit and/or garage unit, members of their families, their employees, guests, tenants, pets, shall not use or permit the use of the premises, inside any dwelling area, or common areas in any manner which would be illegal or disturbing or a nuisance to others, or in such a way as to be injurious to the reputation of the complex.

10. Unit owners shall be liable for any and all damage to the property of the complex that shall be caused by said owner or by members of their families, their employees, guests, tenants or pets.

11. Owners are responsible for any damage done to common areas and are responsible for expenses incurred to remove garbage/litter left behind in any common area including the basement. If a tenant causes the problem, the owner is still ultimately responsible. Tenants and those whose names do not appear on the deed may not have pets.)

12. Rules Arbitration Committee: The entire process is outlined in the “Rules Compliance and Arbitration” section of the booklet. Please note that when a written complaint has been received by the Board of Managers/Board of Directors, Management or the Rules Committee, the Committee will deal with the OWNER, not with the tenant.

Please Note:

In order for action to be taken on a complaint, it MUST be submitted in writing, to the Management Office. Although it is signed, this information will remain confidential. The complaint must be specific – who, what, where, and when. It can be handwritten, or typed, but must be signed. It need not be formal, but must include the pertinent facts… who did it, what they did, when they did it, and where (approximately) they did it. You will get a copy of the letter that will then be sent to the offender. (If you do not get a copy of this letter within a week, please contact one of the Board Presidents or other Board members.)

Violation of the above rules will result in a fine if the violation continues after a warning has been received.