Recycling & Trash

Trash is usually picked up on Tuesdays. Exceptions are shown in the monthly calendar. Recycling must be taken out by the owners and residents.

The Maintenance Staff takes trash out of the basements of the Chappelle Villas and Charter Oaks Garden Units.

Need we say it? If you put trash in the basement, PLEASE put the cover on the can to prevent odors, etc.!!!


Modern Corporation Residential Recycling Guide

Newspaper: Anything that comes with your regular newspaper including glossy inserts and magazines

* Place in brown grocery bags
* Include only clean, dry newspapers
* Secure papers so they cannot blow around
* DO NOT tie newspapers

Do Not Include:
* Soiled papers
* Loose papers

Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard and brown paper shopping bags

* Flatten and bundle
* Be sure material is clean
* Remove as much tape as possible

Do Not Include:
* Coated boxes
* Fast food containers (i.e. pizza and wing boxes)
* Soiled boxes

Plastic: Milky white plastic jugs and bottles such as: milk, cider or windshield washer fluid jugs and colored liquid laundry detergent or bleach containers

* Rinse out and flatten if possible
* Throw away cap or lid
* Labels are OK
* Only specifically mentioned plastic bottles and jugs at this time

Do Not Include:
* Styrofoam or plastic bags
* Toys
* Garbage bags
* Motor oil containers
* No wide mouth containers at this time (i.e. butter or yogurt containers)

Glass: Clear brown bottles and jars from food and beverage use

* Rinse clean
* Labels are OK
* Throw away plastic caps; recycle metal lids

Do Not Include:
* Broken glass
* Window panes, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors, tempered glass, dishes or mugs, Pyrex cookware

Metal: Sheet and aluminum typically containing food or beverage

* Rinse clean
* Labels are OK
* Ink printed cans are OK

Do Not Include:
* Paint cans
* Oil or anti-freeze containers
* Pipes, gutters or other large metal items
* Aerosol cans
* Automotive parts

Other Items:

Household Correspondence (aka – Junk Mail):

* All mail should be placed in a separate bag (brown paper or clear plastic)
Boxboard Items (i.e. cereal boxes, gift boxes and the like)
* Remove all box liners and discard; Flatten boxes and place with newspapers.
Telephone books and catalogs should be placed in recycling bin or separate plastic bag