Condominium Rules

(Revised 2009)

The following are Condominium Rules, and apply to everyone. “Condominium” rules can loosely be defined as the “Buildings” rules.

Over the years, Charter Oaks Condominium, Chappelle Villas Condominium A, Chappelle Villas Condominium B, and Chappelle Villas Condominium C Boards have agreed that these rules should be the same for all of our Condominiums. Any exceptions are identified in the following document.

Our complex continues to supports the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act. Smoking in the common elements of the Garden Units is prohibited.

Charter Oaks Condominium & Chappelle Villas Condominiums A, B and C

1. Towels, clothing, curtains, rugs or mops shall not be hung or shaken from the doors, windows, patios, balconies, walls or fences or placed upon railings, walls, window sills or fences. Clotheslines and drying racks are not permitted outside the unit.

2. Signs, notices, advertisements, political signs in windows, etc. are not permitted. Realty signs are permitted only on the weekends.

3. The common elements shall not be obstructed, littered, defaced, damaged or misused in any manner.

4. Owners of a residential unit and/or garage unit, members of their families, their employees, guests, tenants, pets, shall not use or permit the use of the premises, inside any dwelling area, or common areas in any manner which would be illegal or disturbing or a nuisance to others, or in such a way as to be injurious to the reputation of the complex.

5. Unit owners shall be liable for any and all damage to the property of the complex that shall be caused by said owner or by members of their families, their employees, guests, tenants or pets.

6. Garbage shall not be kept, stored, or allowed to accumulate outdoors on any portion of the property except in covered sanitary containers screened from adjacent surrounding property (townhouses) or covered trash cans in basement (garden units). No garbage, trash or recyclables may be put out until the morning of pickup. All garbage must be securely bagged and tied.

7. Bird feeders and birdhouses shall not be attached to or hung from buildings or fences and may not be used on the patio areas of any building.

8. Unit owners are responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations by their tenants, children, and guests. All residents may use the pool, tennis court or Clubhouse of the complex in accordance with these rules and regulations. ONLY unit owners are permitted to have pets; renters may NOT have pets. (See separate Rules and Regulations Applicable to Pets, Pool and Clubhouse.)

9. Any addition, alteration, modification, or improvement must be pre-approved in writing by the appropriate Architectural Committee. After July 15, 2009, this approval must be in writing by Management. Should pre-approval not be obtained for any exterior improvement or replacement and in such circumstances as the item in question should be determined unacceptable by the Board of Managers, action to assure removal or correction of the offending item will be undertaken by the Board. Any resultant changes shall be at the owner’s expense. For all second-floor units: Any flooring (other than wall to wall carpeting) must be approved in advance.

10. Awnings, exterior roll-ups, carpets, windows, window guards, screens, storm doors, satellite dishes, radio and/or television antennas shall not be attached to or hung from the exterior of any building unless pre-approved in writing by the appropriate Architectural Committee. Should pre-approval not be obtained for any exterior improvement or replacement and in such circumstances as the item in question should be determined unacceptable by the Board of Managers, action to assure removal or correction of the offending item will be undertaken by the Board. Any resultant changes shall be at the owner’s expense.

11. Nothing shall be attached to any window or exterior building surface without Board approval.

12. Residential units shall be used for family dwelling purposes.

13. Unit owners must promptly perform all maintenance and repair work to their own residential unit or garage that, if omitted, would adversely affect or damage an adjacent unit or building. A negligent unit owner is expressly responsible for the damage and liabilities that the failure to perform prompt maintenance and/or repair may cause. This is to include, but not limited to, air conditioning units that must be maintained and appearance kept up. All rusted air conditioners must be painted with Rustoleum Sand Stone. Air conditioning units that had been removed from the brick walls on Greenwich Drive must have the bricks replaced within 30 days at owner’s expense.

14. All repairs to the internal installations of a residential unit or garage that are located in and service only that unit (gas and electric power, telephones and sanitary installations) shall be at the unit owner’s expense.

15. Residents shall not paint or stain the exterior surfaces of the windows, walls, decks and/or door openings outside the unit owner’s residential unit or garage. This includes the fences surrounding the patio areas of the townhouses.

16. Between 11:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M., the noise level must be kept to a minimum in consideration of your neighbors. Laundry equipment, dishwashers, etc., may not be used during these hours. Wall mounted televisions, speakers, and surround sound systems may only be used during these hours with the use of headphones.

17. Ventilators and window air conditioning units shall not be installed in any unit.

18. Toilets and sinks in the buildings shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were designed. Sweepings, rubbish, rags, coffee grounds, cat litter, disposable diapers and other articles shall not be thrown into them. Any damage resulting from misuse of toilets and sinks in units shall be repaired and paid for by the owner of the unit determined by Management to have caused damage through misuse.

19. Garage doors must be closed at all times.

20. Patios and balconies cannot be used for storage (e.g. boxes, lumber, supplies, etc.), nor for trash.

21. Any lease of a residential unit shall not be for less than twelve (12) months. The unit owner must provide the tenant with copies of the Rules and Regulations. The unit owner must also add our addendum to the lease being used and supply a copy to the office. Units may not be rented to smokers after July 15, 2009.

22. Prior to leasing your unit, you must check with our Management office to see if our rental cap has been reached. If so, you may not be able to lease your unit.

23. Regardless of whether the residential unit is occupied, the owner shall be obligated to maintain sufficient utility service to prevent damage to other units or to the common elements, and to maintain a minimum heat level of 55° F at all times of the year. If not, the Board of Managers shall have the right to immediately arrange for such service, upon such notice to the owner as is practical under the circumstances and without notice in emergency situations. Any costs incurred shall be collectible in the same manner as common charges and shall constitute a lien on the unit involved and a personal obligation of the unit owner(s).

24. The entrances, hallways and stairways shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entry to and exit from the units.

25. Children shall not play in the hallway, stairway or basement area.

26. The Condominium, the Board of Managers or the Manager shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property occasioned by the use of any storeroom or other facilities which are provided for the unit owners. These items should be covered under the personal homeowner’s policy.

27. For Charter Oaks only: Washers and dryers may be installed following specs available in the office.

28. Per NY Fire Code, 20-lb. propane tanks are prohibited from use/storage in the complex other than the Town House patios. Charcoal grills are not allowed on the patios or balconies. Please note that electric or small propane tank grills are allowed.

29. Exterior doors may not be propped open. Doors leading to the furnace rooms may not be propped open. Hallway doors leading to basements shall be kept locked at all times. In Chappelle Villas: The interior security door must be kept locked at all times.

30. Owners are responsible for any damage done to common areas and are responsible for expenses incurred to remove garbage/litter left behind in any common area including the basement.

31. Additional refrigerators and freezers are not to be used nor stored in the garages. If in Charter Oaks basement storage areas, arrangements should be made for the electrical line to be connected to the owner’s personal meter.

32. Air conditioner covers must be black, gray or tan; no other colors are permitted.

33. If items stored outside your unit are identified in writing as stored items for Unit # ____ and if not an encumbrance to common areas and/or deemed a potential fire hazard, resident may use the space outside storage area.

34. If your Chappelle Board requires, you must have grids in your windows.

35. Patio Window coverings permitted: Unenclosed and screened-in patios – Roll-ups only; beige;
Glass enclosed patios – Vertical blinds or sun shades in almond/cream only.

36. In addition, windows in the living areas of a condo must be neatly covered. No newspapers, sheets or unsightly blinds and window treatments (crooked, broken or torn) will be allowed.

37. Chappelle Villas Condominium B: To maintain the look of continuity throught our community, all windows must have their screens in place at all times. Failure to do so will result in the imposition of a fine. (Effective October 30, 2010)

Please Note:

In order for action to be taken on a complaint, it MUST be submitted in writing, to the Management Office. Although it is signed, this information will remain confidential. The complaint must be specific – who, what, where, and when. It can be handwritten, or typed, but must be signed. It need not be formal, but must include the pertinent facts… who did it, what they did, when they did it, and where (approximately) they did it. You will get a copy of the letter that will then be sent to the offender. (If you do not get a copy of this letter within a week, please contact one of the Board Presidents or other Board members.)

Violation of the above rules will result in a fine if the violation continues after a warning has been received.